Tools and Tackles

We are an association of exporting professional people engaged in Engineering, Industrial and Construction products from last one decade. sincerely to prove the products which may gain your confidence by the way of their engineering, workmanship & quality. Sturdy Engineering Tools Exporting wide range of Tools and Tackles including Hand Tools, Lifting Tools, Construction Tools, Industrial Equipment, Electroforged Steel Grating across the world. All our products are manufactured to International Standards of Quality and reliability in accordance with the latest techniques available. we are India based strategic sourcing company of Engineering Tools, Construction Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Safety Equipment, Welding Equipment etc. We provide best equipment on cheaper cost with duly tested certification to Construction Company, Industrial Engineering Company and many more. We are also specialized in sourcing equipment as per customer referred brands. We are also open in New Product Development activity as per customer drawing in following commodity :-

Engineering Tools, Industrial Equipment, Building Material, Steel Fabrication, Steel Structure, Aluminium Structure, Inconel Steel, Electroforged Steel Gratings, Aluminium Fabrication, Heavy equipment, Hand Tools, Lifting Tools and Equipment, Kepro, Lubrication Equipment, Safety Equipment, PPE, Hilti, Locktite, MagnaFlux NDT, Mitutoyo, Welding Equipment(Esab/Ador/Mangalam,Superon), Insize, Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Stanley Tools, Power Tools, Freemans, 3M, Olympus, NDT and Inspections

Industrial, NDT Inspection and Construction Equipment Supplier in India

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